MATLAB on CHPC: Introduction

An Introduction to Parallel Computing with MATLAB

Parallel Computing Toolbox is an add-on to MATLAB that lets you solve computationally and data-intensive problems using MATLAB and Simulink on multicore and multiprocessor computers. You can then, with minimal code changes, scale those problems up to a cluster (such as the CHPC Sun cluster) running MATLAB Distributed Computing Server.

CHPC is trialling the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server to provide academic researchers with a resource for performing parallel computing tasks using MATLAB. Currently, the CHPC cluster provides up to 128 workers, connected via Gigabit Ethernet.

Using the resources on this site, you should be able to install MATLAB and/or Parallel Computing Toolbox on your local machine, configure that installation to use the CHPC cluster’s MATLAB workers, and test your configuration using sample MATLAB code. To request a trial licence for MATLAB and/or the Parallel Computing Toolbox, click here.

Learning Resources

You can find out more about parallel computing using the following web resources:

You can find out more about MATLAB from the following web resources: