Accelerating Econometric Modeling & Research

Accelerate your econometric model building workflows

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In this webinar, we investigate the tools you can use to accelerate your econometric model building workflows.

What can you expect to see?

Accessing public data through the South African Reserve Bank API. Ready-to-use tools for analysing economic data. Low-code modelling workflows to analyse multivariate time-series (VAR, VARX, VEC, etc.).Introduction to third-party tools for macroeconomic modelling, Dynare, BEAR, etc. Accessing and using macroeconomic (DSGE) models from the South African Modelling Network (SAMNet).

What is SAMNet?

The South African Modelling Network (SAMNet) is an initiative aimed at collecting and sharing the codes of DSGE models focusing on the South African economy. SAMNet is part of Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA).

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About the Presenter
About the Presenters

As a member of the Application Engineering team at MathWorks, Eduard Benet Cerda assists customers in the development and deployment of financial applications. Eduard joined MathWorks in 2018 after finishing a PhD at the University of Colorado in computational mechanics. Since then, his focus within the company has been helping MATLAB users scale their applications to leverage the potential of various cloud technologies used for data storage, computational speed, or as production and development environments.

Tatenda Bwerinofa is a graduate engineer at Opti-Num Solutions. He has a degree in economic sciences, and honours in business finance from the University of the Witwatersrand. Tatenda is enthusiastic about applying economic theory and econometric work flows to solve real-world problems.

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