Leveraging the Cloud in your Organisation

Become more scalable, accessible, and collaborative

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Are you considering leveraging the cloud in your organisation?

Do you have applications or models that you would like to migrate to the cloud?

What should your organisation take into consideration when moving to cloud?

This webinar will explain what to consider before moving to the cloud, what it would look like for you to migrate to the cloud through a practical demo, and which tools are available for a seamless transition. By leveraging the cloud when appropriate and implementing the right tools, you enable your organisation to become more scalable, accessible, and collaborative. From the demo, you will be able to build applications in MATLAB and Python and deploy them into production in the cloud.

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About the Presenter
About the Presenters

Pierre Harouimi is a senior application engineer at MathWorks in Paris, focused on AI and deployment applications. He holds a master’s degree in Statistics and Economics. Before joining MathWorks, he worked in an asset management company as a data scientist.

Stacy Wambugu is a Software Engineer at Opti-Num Solutions specialising in the design and development of robust and efficient software architecture. She has a background in Electrical and Information Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand. In addition to her experience in data curation, financial modelling, and automated reporting, she is passionate about integration and deployment to cloud environments.

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