Kirsten Smith

Head of Strategic Innovation

At Opti-Num, Kirsten blends strategy and creative exploration to discover future business opportunities. Kirsten’s role includes the communication of technology to make it accessible and impactful. She likes to unpack the connections and motivations between what businesses need, what research is capable of, as well as how to build people up so that they’re capable of making great things happen. She aspires to bridge the gap between innovation, technology, and learning. Kirsten works hard to bring different disciplines together to improve the world we live in.

Kirsten has been at Opti-Num since 2014, and so far, she’s completed her MSc in Engineering as well as a range of projects across many different industries and technologies. A few of her favourite projects over the past few years have been electrical transformer design; control algorithm modelling, product and pricing optimisation for a retail client’s market; machine vision in a medical device, as well as starting and running Opti-Num’s Graduate Program. She looks forward to leading the team in new projects for tomorrow’s growth.