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In 2016 Opti-Num Solutions provided business intelligence and analytics services to MTN Uganda.

MTN Uganda
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Opti-Num Solutions was successfully awarded a tender to work as MTN Uganda’s partner for product analytics, reporting and pricing strategy with effect from December 2015. Opti-Num has since been a great partner for MTN Uganda.

“Opti-Num have made an effort to gain a comprehensive understanding of our business priorities, by embedding themselves into our business and integrating with a number of cross functional teams. They have taken the time to understand our business strategy by engaging numerous stakeholders and have also integrated with internal teams to ensure that they are part of our reporting operating model and Data sources. On this basis, they have applied effective analytical models to deepen our collective understanding of our subscriber behaviour and product performance which has enabled us to apply the most effective pricing, clustering and segmentation strategies to achieve our business objectives.

Opti-Num is a partner that values quality of service in the work that they deliver for our business and have worked very hard with the MTN teams to address any data integrity issues that have impacted the quality of service delivery. They have interrogated the accuracy of certain data sources to ensure that they delivery accurate and reliable reports to support our business strategy. They are meticulous in their approach and have used numerous validation techniques to ensure that their data correlates with the MTN data prior to applying their analytics models to deliver their service.

Opti-Num has unique business solutions that they have used to help improve the effectiveness of our performance by ingesting our Data and applying their models to ensure improved accuracy and measurability of our performance. Since their introduction into our business, we have had daily updates on performance, increased visibility of performance measures, granular analysis and reporting on key performance indicators, bespoke and segmented analysis to identify key business problems, all supported by recommendations on relevant solutions to be applied to address key business problems. We have observed an improvement in our performance based on their clustering models which has enabled us to move away from a mass pricing strategy approach to a targeted and segmented strategy.

All of our experiences with Opti-Num have been very positive, and they have delivered timeously and successfully on their mandate with MTN. They have been very supportive of MTN in the effort to deliver on business objectives and consistently deliver beyond MTNs expectations, and often under very limited timelines.

Opti-Num is a committed partner that operates with integrity, qualified with a high level of specialised expertise and I would highly recommend them and their unique solutions for any company that relies on deep analytics to drive appropriate pricing strategies to deliver growth for the business.”

Mapula Bodibe

Chief Marketing Officer

MTN Uganda

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