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"The kind of perspective that Opti-Num gives us is immense."

Central University of Technology
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Mr Rangith Kuriakose, Electrical Engineering lecturer, has partnered with Opti-Num Solutions to build and supplement his Electrical Engineering curriculum to incorporate industry standards while adhering to the standards set by ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa).

“The kind of perspective that Opti-Num gives us is immense, given that we are in academia we risk becoming too restricted by the person who wrote the text book in a sense of not being able to completely cover what is being said and making it relevant to South African market.”

The Central University of Technology (CUT) provides tertiary education and training in science, engineering and technology. CUT is one of five South African universities with a MATLAB Campus-Wide License. The license provides all lecturers, students and researchers with access to 90+ MATLAB tools on personal computers, mobile phones and lab computers.

“A current problem that we have is that we push out graduates and they oftentimes have no idea what is going on in Industry. In my opinion, I think that to work without MATLAB, especially in Engineering is to search for something in complete darkness, like looking for a coin or pin in complete darkness.

With the Campus-Wide License and a partnership with Opti-Num Solutions, Mr Kuriokose has formulated a new  curriculum primarily focussing on industry relevant engineering topics while incorporating Project- Based Learning.

“I am passionate about education and I want to see how I can make it the best for my students and that takes effort. The curriculum we develop is not set it stone, after 6 months you can find that something no longer works, it needs to constantly develop as it is undergoing a constant metamorphism and that’s where Opti-Num comes in."

- Mr Rangith Kuriakose, Electrical Engineering Lecturer

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