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CSIR Develops an Electronic Warfare Simulation Environment Using MathWorks Tools.

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SEWES is a proudly South African and globally competitive product that allowed the CSIR to break through international communication barriers

CSIR has been using MathWorks products for close to 15 years on the SEWES product. Opti-Num Solutions has provided support and training to the team enabling them to “become smart users of the tools”.

“Having a local South African company that can give us support in terms of using the MathWorks tools in the most efficient and effective way has been valuable over the years.” Reeshen Reddy, CSIR Research Group Leader (Electronic Warfare Modelling, Simulation and Training)

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have developed SEWES (Sensors and Electronic Warfare Engagement Simulation) one of the most advanced Electronic Warfare simulators in the world. It is an Electronic Warfare (EW) simulation environment where any number of naval, air or ground platforms, consisting of any number of sensors and EW systems, can engage each other in a simulated environment.

SEWES is used by defence research institutes for EW effectiveness evaluation, doctrine development and training. The parameter level simulation of the systems and interactions are modelled to a level required by the research question. The engagement scenario is visualised in a three-dimensional environment and all relevant system parameters can be displayed and stored.

“Using MATLAB and Simulink gives a great advantage in terms of rapid prototyping, readability, and understandability of implemented models.”

“Decision makers can simulate “what if” questions using SEWES to effectively and efficiently develop and evaluate doctrine.”- Reeshen Reddy, CSIR Research Group Leader (Electronic Warfare Modelling, Simulation and Training)

The SEWES Architecture and Models are built upon MATLAB and Simulink as the primary environment. Platforms, sensors, weapons, and countermeasures are modelled in Simulink, and an extensive model library is available. Models can be added or modified, and the user can expand the library as needed. This innovative architecture enables the researcher to easily modify the simulation to the requirements and to interoperate with other simulations.

“Simulink brings an intuitive visual environment to modelling which is vital to SEWES users around the world who speak different languages. Visual and intuitive models enable us to communicate complex capabilities of a simulation despite the language barrier.“- Reeshen Reddy, CSIR Research Group Leader (Electronic Warfare Modelling, Simulation and Training)

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