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Safety through Sight: The Power of Machine Vision (Part 1)

Safety through Sight: The Power of Machine Vision (Part 1)
May 30, 2024

Dive into the latest episode of Across the Opti-Verse, where we explore groundbreaking safety innovations in the mining industry. This episode focuses on Control Interlocking for safety using machine vision techniques. In Part 1, we discuss a project aimed at addressing the dangers of slag granulation in the smelting process, and the safety innovations that can happen through real-time video analytics. Adri and our guest, Jason, walk us through the challenges and solutions related to the problem, data handling, and the development of innovative algorithms. Due to the abundance of fascinating content, we split this topic into two episodes. Stay tuned for Part 2, airing on June 6th, where we delve into the results, monitoring, adoption, and the question of “What happened next?”.

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