Make better decisions by maximising the value in data. 

Advanced Business Analytics finds the hidden insights within your data to inspire intelligent, strategic decision-making.

Advanced Business Analytics

At Opti-Num, we do things differently, applying our technology to look beyond the obvious and find those ‘hard to come by’ insights. Following a first principles approach, we question everything.

We then harness our own business savvy, investigative and strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills, to build your next business advantage from the ground up - turning insights into real-life offerings or solutions that will transform your business.

Wherever you are in your business journey, we meet you there and provide impactful, pertinent insights that allow your business to react quickly in a dynamic socio-economic environment. 

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What we offer

Unearth and analyse hard to find data to enable strategic, evidence-based insights and recommendations.

Enhance your ability to adapt quickly with business-centric insights to solve real-world problems.

We meet you where you are in your data journey, partnering closely with you to understand your business and provide practical, effective solutions. 

We provide analytics that speak to the critical business needs as they arise, providing live, on-demand support to answer the most pertinent questions.

We work with the best tool for your business needs – from MathWorks to Azul to Open Source Software. MathWorks tools are easy to use and fast to prototype, while Azul provides an advantage when working with Java-based applications.

Who we assist

We work across industries – from telecommunication to housing to finance – helping find the insights that will inspire solutions in marketing, business strategy and development, finance, supply chains and more.

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