Optimise operations by leveraging your most valuable resource – data.

We’ll help you leverage it for more strategic purposes to improve future operations.

Smart Mining & Manufacturing

Your mine or manufacturing plant is sitting on one of the world’s most valuable resources – data. 

The data your business archives, mostly for compliance and regulatory purposes, is readily available but under-utilised. We’ll help you leverage it for more strategic purposes to improve future operations.

Our process is hands-on. We work with our customer to understand the problem at hand, identify various solutions that would address the problem, and decide on the best approach based on the information we have available.

The end result is a practical solution that is easy to adopt and provides insight and business-value across their supply chain, while also easily adopted by the customer.

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What we offer

We unlock profitable insights in Mining and Manufacturing by leveraging your process data and applying solutions to real-world problems.

Our vast experience and expertise allow us to understand your business challenges first, and then apply strategic analysis and solutions that optimise your performance. 

We embrace the latest technology to give you a business advantage. 

We offer Predictive analytics, Machine learning, Optimisation, Image processing / computer vision, Classic/advanced control systems, High-level process understanding and more.  

Who we assist

We operate in the mining, processing and equipment manufacturing industries. 

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